Ceramic Coating.

Our Ceramic Nano-Resin Pro creates a glossy and clear finish for maximum Porsche appearance and is one of the thickest coatings in the industry. We apply a paint coat builder before the ceramic product to enhance adhesion and create a stronger bond. Offering years of protection, our Nano Resin Pro is an elastomer-derived ceramic that self-heals scratches and repels water to reduce water spots and keep your vehicle looking clean.

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Our certified technicians use only Nano-Resin Pro Ceramic Coating. The Nano-Resin Pro is made of elastomer-derived ceramics that absorb scratches and gradually spring back into it's original shape. Resulting in a ceramic coat that self-heals. Formulated to actively push water off the vehicles surface, it reduces water spots and helps maintain a clear vehicle appearance.

Before we apply the actual ceramic product, we apply a paint-coat-builder, which enhances adhesion and creates a stronger product bond. Our ceramic Nano-Resin Pro is one of the thickest coatings in the industry and creates a gloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity for maximum vehicle appearance.

Appearance, protection, incredible gloss... Nano-Resin Pro Ceramic, exclusively at Exchange Auto Studio.

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Ceramic Coating Maintenance Package.

Recommended every 4 months, our Ceramic Coating Maintenance Service starts with the perfect car wash. We apply our prep wash cleanser which exposed defects and removes contaminates. We use a premium body wash with a two bucket wash system. Our premium body wash uses a high foam formula to lift and eliminate contaminates without abrading your paint. Taking decontamination even further, we then apply our Total Decon solution which lifts out and removes contamination like brake dust and fall-out embedded within the automotive paint. Once the automotive paint is decontaminated, the Ceramic Coating is evaluated and small defects are polished with a Level-One Nano-Primer. We then rejuvenate the ceramic finish with an advanced gloss coating which enhances ceramic gloss, durability and water beading, resulting in maximum vehicle appearance.

Decontaminate, rejuvenate, protect, enhanced gloss... Ceramic Coating Maintenance, exclusively at Exchange Auto Studio.

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